⒈ Actively explore the innovation model of Chinese national leasing industry

⒉ Committed to be the most professional and innovative infrastructure lease service provider
⒊ To build the top 1 brand of infrastructure leasing business

⒈ Based in Bohai New Area of Tianjin, with its favorable investment environments, BHL to participate in the development of the Area as well as its financial innovations, and extend its business from Bohai Sea Region to country-wide.

⒉ In depth cooperated with the governments, BHL to be the official investment and financing platform of industry planning and upgrading. Stress to extend the municipal and infrastructure lease business.

⒊ Opportunity to the municipal and other key projects of Tianjin (e.g. A320 Series Assembly Line) , BHL to build up a completed industrial line that kernelled with financial leasing, and tightly associated with manufacturing sector and its downstream and upstream, as well as the other financial services industries, and eventually achieve a virtuous circle of Industry – Finance co-development.

⒋ Experienced in leasing structure development, BHL to be the servicer and arranger for the municipal and transportation projects.

⒌ Core to rapidly expand the operating capacity and profitability of the company, BHL is determined and committed to establish a world-class leasing firm and create the top 1 brand of infrastructure lease business.